Marine Services

Private Moorings, Harbour Moorings & Pontoon Installations

Mallaig Marine Ltd director Mr Donald McDonell has over 20 years experience installing and maintaining moorings around the North West Coast of Scotland.  He can offer advice, source materials at a competitive price for private clients & organisations and carry out the installation within an agreed timescale. If you have an enquiry please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our rates for installation & maintenance of harbour or private boat moorings is extremely competitive.


Our vesels have completed many tows, ranging from steel pens, plastic pens, pontoons, feed barges and other vessels. The geographical area of work covers the North West coast of Scotland.


The EMMA C has a carrying capacity of 40 tonne and can be beached enabling the transportation of vehicles, on board there is a 23500 palfinger crane to lift on board fish farm nets / equipment, building materials etc.

The Annie E has a carrying capacity ranging from 50-100 tonne and  a greater lifting capacity with two heila cranes 140-4S and  25-4S lifting 8 tonnes at 16 meters enabling cargo to be loaded onto the vessel with ease.

Should you require a large quantity of material to be transported by sea on the North West coast of Scotland please make your enquiry known.

Moorings advice and consultancy

Mr McDonell has provided moorings consultancy service for many clients, offering advice and support regarding the appropriate materials for moorings and sourcing competitive prices for the materials. We have also shared specific knowledge in this area taking into account, historic weather conditions, tidal factors and seabed suitability for the moorings that are to be installed.

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